Let It Grow

We are planning a celebration of making for May 2020. Click here if you are interested in helping make the scene.

Honestly? It seemed like a daunting task at first glance, something that even on a small scale could only be a self-inflicted invitation to get wrapped around the axle of the big bureaucratic beast of state we call Governance. And it still might be. What do I know? I have not done anything like this since I was an undergrad in college in a place far away a long time ago. But so far, at least, we have been pleasantly surprised by the reception we have received at every turn along the way.

First we put out the call to see if there was any local maker/vendor interest and got back a resounding, “Yes!” Next we looked in to see what condition our music condition was in, and saw it was all together now. Food trucks? Hungry to roll in. Dare we say beer? Cheers! (Big Thanks to our non-profit sponsor and allies at Gathering Thyme!)

And again, like on so many other occasions these last few years, I have been profoundly impressed and humbled by the true community connections to be had simply for the asking, and the incredible depth of talent bubbling under the surface of strangers soon to be friends.

So maybe you don't have to fight for your right to party any more. Maybe all you have to do is prepare the field and let the good times grow.

It's worth a shot.

See you there?

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