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Dear Reader:

Thank you for stopping by!

Sustainable Exchange is about just that: sustainable exchanges.

We promise to not stock anything in a Sustainable Exchange store that does not have a legitimate claim to being called sustainable. This means everything in the store is  constructed of sustainable materials, manufactured in a sustainable way(s), and/or has been entered into a sustainable post-consumer stream of reuse (aka 'upcycled').

This pledge goes for the high-quality locally-made goods we carry, as well as all of our other clothing, accessories, cleaners, oils, lotions, indoor/outdoor gear, and gifts.

This is because we think it is about time the corner store looked around the corner.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and the planet the best we can.

Thank you for contributing to the making of a more sustainable world for us, and those destined to follow us.


Dan Maher


Sustainable Exchange