We Are A Full Service Refillery

Another fulfilling refilling day in the books. Time to sit back, and reflect on what it means to be a full service refillery in an age of fraught existence, facing our species’ most formidable existential threats.

Surely our modest efforts take form with the work of salvaging a few empty vessels to guide from tare to top-up, the time it takes to source every product ingredient, do the deep digs and dives on every seller claim made, and drive hard bargains to deliver better-than-standard product values to the store’s supporters.

But it’s also about being dedicated to always making accessible desirable affordable products that also happen to be Green.

It’s about being reminded that this planet means the world to more than us, and that it is yet only we whom together can make a difference that makes a difference by repeatedly standing up for our mutual life-support systems, knowing this passion for the planet can never rest.

All of which is why on this eve of the end and beginning of another calendar year, we want nothing more than to say Thank You! for reminding us to shake the snow-globe once in a while to see what anew develops.

Here’s to seeing you more in 2024 :)

Happy New Year!

Dan, Fam & Staff

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