Throwing Shade On Boxing’s Shadow

As a species it seems we excel at building boxes. But now it seems the chickens are coming home to roost.

We have so many boxes in our lives these days it has become a problem to think of ways to get rid of them.

As a metaphor this made me think about issues relating to the building of fortress America. I wondered if we make it harder to get in, might that make it harder to get out?

It was a chill moment.

It reminded me of being a regional manager for a large solar company. The problem then was this meddling ‘net green’ standard we talked to each other and our customers about. I believed the systems we sold would achieve it, but the company I worked for that sold and installed solar never would.

Telsa? Maybe. SunPower? It might. Not sure who to put money on anymore: the South American Stoned Pilot Playboy or the French.

The point being it feels like we are approaching Peak Box, and I believe this might be worth getting up in someone’s flap about, before we box ourselves in... and/or out.

We could start by taking a break from putting everything in boxes. Take our reusable shopping bags to local stores and fill them up. Maybe sit a spell with others equally unboxed. I hear that is where we do some of our best thinking.

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