This Time

This time last year we were in a very different place. You all know what I mean. Collectively, we got caught bluffing and blinked, then opened our eyes on a new reality. Suddenly no alarm was too alarmist. No post apocalyptic fiction too preposterous. TP was the new currency of the realm. And somehow it all made sense enough to enough people to make hoarding delicately connected squares of pulped trees a somewhat  socially acceptable dirty secret.

This time this year things are different. We have more of what was lacking before and less of what we’ve decided we never really needed. The things we miss most are the things we took most for granted. And we’ve grown so tired of fighting with each other that we’ve stumbled into a kind of uneasy peace within ourselves, however fragile and imperfect.

Now spring is about to be sprung again, the energy coiled within released, and life as we know it and have never known it is about to emerge from a deep sleep of sorts, equal parts refreshed and rudely awakened.

So my hope is that we’re ready for what is to come, given how much we still have to learn and relearn. Because we need to make it more sustainable this time, and get more of it right than last. Because it’s not just daylight that needs saving.

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