Everybody Deserves ‘Nice’ Things

How much would you be willing to pay for American-made hair and skin care products that contained only recognizable, pronounceable ingredients? What if they were also cruelty-free, vegan, septic & reef-safe, scented with premium essential oils, and you could  refill your used containers with them?

Fifty cents or a dollar an ounce? 

You can definitely buy hair, body & home care products for more and less than this that are none of the things described above.

But which is the ‘nicer’ deal?

Depends on your definition of ‘nice’, I guess. 

At Sustainable Exchange, ‘nice’ means showing respect for everybody’s interests. And by ‘everybody’ we mean all beings, not just the human kind. That’s why we think things that are organic, cruelty-free, fairly-traded, up-cycled, recycled, and minimally-wasteful are an especially nice deal. And that’s why we believe everybody deserves ‘nice’ things. 

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