The Places We Will Go

As this is technically an op-ed piece, I feel obligated to say something useful about what is happening on the planet at the moment. And I surely might, or at least I would if I could, were it easier to know where my focus should be.

But frankly, amid the chaos and confusion I can think of nothing better to express than profound gratitude for all who are stepping up to confront this invisibly crowning multi-headed monster faces-to-face, from first to last responder, like one does in a pandemic. Because based on the responses I have been party to lately, and/or witnessed from afar, including those mediated by quants of pixels pulled together in distributed missives pointedly delivered both on and off the mark, I have been moved to a place of fresh perspective, but I know not yet where things stand.

Certainly, I personally stand with the majority of humanity in the lift of an ominous tsunami rising in response to a world profoundly shaken, and now stirred, by profound parades of natural transgression.

But I do not want to dwell on wet markets at the moment, nor all that comes with them, nor their commercial counterparts here. So, to all that I will say only how much I hope such disgraceful dens of inequity are finally shuttered for good for the good of all, and leave it at that for now. And I have no clue about what to make of the rest.

Which is to say, I think this new normal is going to take some getting used to.

So, in light of not knowing exactly what I should be doing, I am focusing on my loved ones, my local heroes, and yes, my local business. Because this is what I believe will best serve me and us best, and better prepare us for whatever this way comes.

Take care out there.

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