Natural Scents, Medicine For The People & New Threads From Old

What Do All-Natural 18-Note Perfumes, Organic Full-Spectrum CBD & Stylish New Upcycled Clothing Have In Common?

All have deep-rooted connections to Northern California and, along with dozens of other new things, all are now available for purchase at Sustainable Exchange in Novato on Grant in Old Town. But that’s not all. 

These are also the creations of conscientious contemporary visionary women who have made it their mission to disrupt unsustainable patterns and processes of production. They are examples of what can be made anew from the plethora of resources at hand with little more than an application of imagination. They are the brainchildren of wizened mothers and fathers striving to ensure their flesh-and-blood children and coming generations inherit a healthy fertile home. And, most importantly, they are but a few of the many millions of new products people are making around the globe to quicken the birth of better ways of being.

There is still plenty of room on the path forward, though.

Find YOUR way.

Visit a Sustainable Exchange today.

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