Sustainable Fair Trade Is Alive & Well

A long time ago--and I am talking a hundred plus dog years ago--I wandered into a United Nations Store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and discovered a modest collection of folkart from around the world. I had a few years earlier traveled through Europe, and had only recently returned from Central America, so was primed to be impressed. I was not disappointed. Human expression was as fascinating to me then as it is now, as is the context in which it is expressed.

Times being what they are—for me at least—these handcrafted gems of human expression from exotic distant lands seem closer; comforting; more relatable. They ground me in ways standard wares mass produced in exotic distant lands cannot. For me there is something exceeedingly satisifying about pulling on or out a handmade product when flying fast and furious through this modern world of our making. It reminds me of the people behind the making; the hands-on makers of the world.

In my store, Sustainabe Exchange, I am going to create a gallery of makers, and call it 'Makers' Wall'. There I will literally frame the story of the makers behind every handmade product in store. These artisans and their products will then speak for themselves.

I trust you will be exceedingly satisfied with them as well.

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