Shop Like There IS A Tomorrow

I am about to change the slogan of the store. It took a while to decide on the direction, but after testing a few ideas with customers, it appears the one chosen strikes the right tone. The process of conjuring and pondering choices was interesting and worthwhile in and of itself, though. Perhaps the challenge of coming up with a sign for the times is a sign of the times?

What do we want to be known for?

What are we really all about?

Who are we talking to?

Where to start?

Initially, the choices ranged from, "Shop like your life depends on it" to "Shop like your kids' lives depend on it" to "Shop like the planet depends on it." Then things got a little more mercantile with, "Fair Trade. Well Made. All Ways" and "The Earth Means The World To Us." The pendelum swung a little too far that way, though, when it hit on a well known cliche with, "Because Good Planets Are Hard To FInd" and verged on the grandiose with, "What The World Needs Now." However, all of these did say something meaningful about the goals and aspirations of the project at hand.

The winner? "Shop Like There IS A Tomorrow." This is, after all, what we want to be known for and are all about. It speaks, too, to everyone who has ever heard the phrase, "Shop Like There Is No Tomorrow". Which means everyone.

Except now, when people are encouraged to 'get-er-done' before it’s too late, I reckon it takes on a whole new level of meaning.

I mean, what were we thinking? That the most expansive version of ourselves is a no-holds shopping spree? Obviously, that is just sad, not to mention patently unsustainable.

So, please, join me in turning the beat around. Shop like there is a tomorrow. The future awaits.

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