Power (Re)Distributions I Have Known

Things are usually humming along well enough when it happens. First there is a flickering, a moment or two of darkness, that appear to be no cause for serious concern. Then something changes, sometimes suddenly, at least from the perspective of most whom find themselves left in the dark. Then its the end of the world as we’ve become accustomed to knowing it, for however long it lasts.

It’s a power outage, of sorts, of course. Or what some might call more accurately, a radical redistribution of power. It is, in fact a short in the system, a grounding out, a short-cut for power, and it can be a jarring experience. It is an extreme divergence of energy from the intended and once-thought well established route, to a current running counter to the stream of electrons flowing through the highly conducive main conduits. 

And there is frankly no telling what good and bad will ultimately come from it. There is only the knowing that some mix of the two will come. 

This is why it is wise to have a backup plan in case of such emergencies; some coping strategy worked out in advance that is at least somewhat sustainable, ideally self-sufficient, preferably readily rechargeable, and blessedly quiet. Like solar. Because no matter what the heck these goings-on are called, you can bet the sun will come up the day of, and days after. 

So come to Sustainable Exchange and get your portable solar device charger :) And get some rechargeable batteries, too. Because we just never know what to expect when it comes to power. We only know we want it when we want it.

Take care out there.

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