May The Weirdness Be With You

It’s been a weird day in a string of weird days too long to recount. And I’m thinking this might be the newest new normal for a while, so I might as well make peace with it.

But, please, if you are only just venturing out again yourself, go easy on us frontline customer service workers for a good long while. Because like you, we are still relearning how to merge with the world of others while the attendant energies are a fair bit chaotic. Yet, unlike you, while the world was busy being melted and poured into numerous new molds these last months and a year, we stayed busy tending to our comfortable little commercial coves so you can again duck out of the storms still raging all around us, and relax a moment in a familiar place of endearment and decompression.

Welcome back.

The serene simplicity of going out in search of things you need, want, and actually like awaits.

And if you want to know why we do it, here’s one  reason: sometimes, in the midst of the confusion, we hear someone say four words in our stores that are so powerful, they allow us to believe everything just might turn out alright.

Despite the weirdness.

In fact, better than alright. Pretty great, likely, if we work at it. 

The four words?

“Hey! Look at this!”

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