Make It Count

I’ve been meaning to add to the blog for some time. But the truth is whenever I opened to the blank page, it felt like looking into a mirror. I had nothing. I felt nothing. I caught myself asking myself if I was nothing. I asked, too, at times, if it was possible that all we’ve been through was for nothing.

Then the possibility of seeing the other side of this raised its hand, and I heard it say, “Um, hello. I’m here.” And I knew suddenly what I had to do, what we have to do, together.

We have to carry on, go forward, continue, sustain. Because there is nowhere else to go, and little else we can do.

And I thought now, too, like in times past, we have to act with intent, more seriously consider the interconnectedness of things, and behave more conscientiously in regards to all.

Because we really are in this together. And we really have no choice but to do things together. So we might as well make the things we do together count for something bigger than any of us alone. Else much of all we have been through will have been for nothing, and it will again feel like we are staring into the white abyss of a blank page. And no one wants that. (Ask any writer.)

Here then, allow me to say simply with sincere intent that I wish everyone many happy holidays these next few weeks.

And I want to say, too, that if I don’t see you in the store or elsewhere before the end of this year, I hope to see you in the next.

Because I suspect we are going to do some seriously intentional, meaningful things together in 2021, and I look forward to doing some of them with you.

Take care of yourselves and others out there!


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