In this era of new abnormals we continue to work hard to bring North Bay communities the best of minimal waste products, all the while taking an active stand against single-use plastic dependence, making well-researched and prescreened alternatives easy to find, and presenting all of this to our supporters in a welcoming, peaceful environment that smells amazing!

It helps, of course, that we have so many outstanding local artisans from which to source such impactful low-impact goods like handmade soaps, loose and bagged teas, organic fair-trade coffee beans, gifts from near and far, and grab-and-go eco-essentials, and that we can bring so much of it together in a well-stocked refillery operated by knowledgable staff.

Because it is and always has been our mission to provide a destination spot for everyone interested in making their mark on the planet by leaving less trace and a better place for generations to follow.

Thank you all for the role YOU play in this.

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