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I read an interesting news article today. (I do not think it was of the fake sort that some talk so much about.) This article reported that small business looks to be fighting back against the behemoths that have taken over the bulk of our commerce and communities. Quality, value, and community-minded people, this report said, are showing growing support for small businesses that provide this like value trifecta in trade.

That, I think, reads like good news for a store like mine, because Sustainable Exchange is all-in on this bet.

Another article reported that the big-box-behemoths are even beginning to voluntarily give up retail ground for things they refer to as ‘CRaP’ (Cannot Realize a Profit). This category, it said,  includes things like cheap sugary liquids and junk foodz. 

This, too, reads like good news to me.

For when both articles are taken together, it appears large segments of the consumer market served by these omnipresent operations are either turning away from, or being turned away from, the resource and experiential degradation and wastefulness that comes with bizarrely unfulfilling immediate-order-fulfillment.

If so, ‘tis truly the season to be jolly, and grateful.

Merry on.

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