It's Been A While

What's new? Anything of interest happen in your world these last several months? We are certainly living in 'interesting' times, so I won't be surprised if so. Ever heard the ancient dictum about how every crisis presents an opportunity? Well, if true, there must be more than the usual lot of opportunity around the world by now. So, I hope you are able to perceive and take advantage of the opportunities you want coming your way.

Us? We're doing our best with what the world is giving us to work with, which is more than we can ethically handle at the moment, frankly. But that's okay, because that's kind of the point for us, after all.

We don't intend to take advantage of every opportunity that presents itself to us because so many of them simply don't square well with the kind of things we want to be doing. And, yes, this means we sometimes have to work a little harder to be sure we know as much as we can about what is really on offer, but we think getting it right is its own reward.

And a big part of our reward is knowing when you come to Sustainable Exchange looking for something with which you and the world can actually live, we've got plenty of things from which you can choose.

[Delivery, on the other hand... well, that's not really our thing, unless you live within ten miles of Novato, then we're happy to drive the Light Fantastic (the company Volt) to bring you our good goods. And, who knows, one fine day we may be able to open more stores within reach of more of you so this will be less of a problem. Stay tuned! :)]

That said, from me and mine to you and yours, please know we are so very grateful for your continued support throughout this past couple of truly troubled years, and we hope you have many Happy, Happy Holidays this season!

(I'm sure we could all use a few more of those :)

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