Actually, It's Easy To Be Green.

Hello Everybody,

I am a busy dad, so I understand more than I can put into words about how other busy parents feel these days.

Work to improve the sustainability of the planet on top of that? Sure, why not! Right?

Well, I am here to tell you as someone who teaches Environmental Science at the college level and has over 30 years of green business experience, it takes a while to understand what Being Green really means.

That is why I want to take some of this heavy lifting off your shoulders.

So, my promise to you is that I will not stock anything in the new Sustainable Exchange store that does not have a legitimate claim to being sustainable. This means everything in the store will be either constructed of sustainable materials, manufactured in a sustainable way, and/or entered into a sustainable post-consumer stream of reuse.

This pledge goes for the high-quality consignment items we carry, as well as the household cleaners, bulk soaps, lotions, incense, candles, miscellaneous accessories, and gifts.

But I am also this guy right now:

So please bear with me while I learn a few new tunes. 


Dr. Dan

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