Upcoming Special Events ONLINE

Our Spring Handcrafted Herbalism Class Series Has Migrated Online!

Gathering Thyme of San Rafael has teamed up with Sustainable Exchange of Novato to offer more of what you’ve been asking for – a series of short online webinar classes in herbal medicine.
This fun-filled experiential series is suitable for anyone with an interest in increasing their awareness of using plant medicine for health and wellbeing.
Classes are taught by Cheryl Fromholzer, Founder of Gathering Thyme, and students will have the opportunity to have the products made in class delivered to their homes with handouts and recipes for further exploration.
Class #1: Herbal Glycerites
Sunday, April 5th from 10-12:30pm
Glycerites are concentrated herbal infusions using glycerin, the sweet principle of oils, as the basis of extraction. They are an excellent alternative to use in place of alcohol-based tinctures and the sweet flavor gives them wider appeal, where compliance may be otherwise difficult. In this class we’ll focus on using herbs for digestive health and make two different herbal glycerites using the “sealed-simmer” method.
Class #2: Herbal Tinctures
Sunday, May 3rd from 10-12:30p
In this class we’ll focus on making alcohol-based tinctures using both fresh and dried plant material using the “weight to volume” method widely employed by practicing clinical herbalists and medicine makers. Our discussion (and tincture making) will focus on herbs used for stress, insomnia, nervous tension and anxiety.
Class #3: Stovetop Hydrosols and Skin Tonics
Sunday, May 10th from 10-12:30pm
Discover the art and magic of making your own aromatic floral waters (hydrosols) using common kitchen equipment on your stove-top. Hydrosols can be used as aromatic sprays for their particular energetic qualities (uplifting, stimulating, relaxing, energizing, cleansing, protection) and are the basis for many high-end skin toners.
CONTACT: For more information, please contact www.gatheringthyme.com or call Cheryl at 415-524-8693.