Consignors' Delights

Welcome to the Go-Lightly Side of Life

Your mission--should you accept it--will be to bring all useful, gently worn, quality things from the dark of storage into Sustainable Exchange where they can find new purpose. Do this, and you will be rewarded.

How to Proceed

Intake for the store is managed via a 'drop-evaluate-display or return' method.*

*First-time consignors: print, complete, sign and include this contract with your initial item(s) drop.

You can bring what you like--of what we are looking for (see below)--to the store anytime between 11:30AM-4PM Wednesday through Saturday.

All items will be evaluated ASAP, then added to your account and displayed in the store, or returned to you in the box or bin in which it was received (with a big "Thank You For Thinking of Sustainable Exchange.")

Clothes: only new or near-new, freshly laundered, reasonably wrinkle-free, and folded items delivered IN A STURDY CARDBOARD BOX OR PLASTIC BIN WITH YOUR NAME ON IT* will be accepted for review.

Other Stuff: (preferably sustainably made) toys, small furnishing (e.g., lamps, knick-knacks, implements, etc., but no electrical appliances), and clothing accessories in new or near-new condition are also welcome so long as they, too, are delivered IN A STURDY CARDBOARD BOX OR PLASTIC BIN WITH YOUR NAME ON IT.

PLEASE do not bring in used undergarments, car seats, car boosters, helmets, electrical appliances, or Disney Brand products. There is nothing we can do with them.